What shoes can’t take a Copythotic™?

A Copythotic™ can be made to fit literally any shoe.  As always though, there is a balance between form and function.  Taken to extremes, the Copythotic™ will lose too much potency and reduce the therapeutic effect of the orthotic. Sometimes this is an acceptable trade – perhaps for you, a half strength orthotic in your wedding shoes is better than limping up the aisle or getting married in a gumboot. As a rough guide though, any sort of footwear with some contact with the foot back behind where the toes join the foot, is a good bet. This includes sandals, thongs with broad straps, toes in or toes out, heel in or heel out, sling back or entirely open. The most functional compromise is needed for court shoes that only cover the toes. We can discuss your options and provide an accurate idea of the final product, taking your foot, your orthotic and your existing shoes into account.