One Visit.

The Copythotic™ is a unique, patented process whereby the model is actually made from an existing orthotic plate. It is important to know that this process relies on you having had orthotics before.

  • If your old orthotics are perfect, we just need them for a few minutes and some shoes left with us.
  • If your orthotic is not exactly right (too stiff, too high, too big), it takes a little more care, but not a lot more time.
  • If you are not happy with your existing orthotics, wherever they were made, a scheduled visit with one of our podiatrists is necessary.  Nearly every custom made orthotic will still be suitable for reinterpretation as a Copythotic™ even if you never felt that you could wear them.
  • If an existing orthotic device is beyond salvation, we can assist you with a new pair and throw in a pair of Copythotics™.
  • If you don’t have orthotics already but think you need some, it will be necessary to see one of our podiatrists for a more complete examination.

It may seem hard to understand how a Copythotic™, possessing the same upper contour as the original orthotic, can be so adjustable in terms of firmness and aggressiveness. Please scroll over the Flexibility / Hardness tab to learn more.