There are plenty of good reasons why you might want a second set of orthotics.  Perhaps you’d like:

  • a big, cushioned pair for your joggers so that they won’t slip around,
  • a tiny pair for sleeker shoes,
  • a new orthotic to replace the one the dog chewed on,
  • to never have to change your insert from shoe to shoe again, or
  • a pair to leave at work in your duty shoes.

If you currently have a traditional orthotic device, it will have been made from some sort of model of your foot that has been corrected.  This process will have entailed the podiatrist or other health professional:

  • Assessing your symptoms
  • Examining you physically
  • Possibly using x ray, ultrasound, video or other assessment tools
  • Making a diagnosis
  • Taking a representation of your foot, perhaps in plaster or by computer analysis
  • Sending this to the orthotic making laboratory (postage / office time)
  • Getting it returned (more postage)
  • Follow up visits to check that the treatment went to plan.

Now that you need another orthotic, it doesn’t seem fair that you have to pay for all that stuff again. It’s already been done! The CopythoticTM is a unique, patented process whereby the model is actually made from an existing orthotic plate. In most cases, the cost of a CopythoticTM is around 40% of what you paid to have your original plates made because everything we need to know can be extracted from that plate.

The CopythoticTM process is simplest when your existing insert does what it was supposed to. If you don’t feel that your orthotic is quite right, please read the information via the [Often complete in only 1 visit] tab to get information on what to do first.

We are podiatrists so health fund rebates apply.