What is the functional limit of a Copythotic™?

An Orthotics Podiatrist is an allied health professional who is concerned with the structure, making, development and fitting of orthoses, which are devices that support or correct deformities and/or abnormalities of the human foot.

Orthotic shoe inserts are intended to correct an abnormal, or irregular walking pattern that can lead to other physical pain in your body which is not always obviously resulting from your feet.

When considering a direct comparison between an orthotic made from a 5mm thick slab of plastic, versus the equivalent Copythotic™, the original device is going to provide more foot control than the very fine materials of a Copythotic™ can.  A 100% strength orthotic is great in theory – but how effective is it when you leave it in the joggers under the bed from 9 to 5?

Using the Copythotic™ technique for our patients over the past several years, we have found that an insert that will fit most of the shoes that most of the women find acceptable most of the time, will average around 80% of the original device’s potency. This makes our patients more than mostly happy!